• Duong Vu Rice

    Duong Vu Rice


    team chống hàng giả gạo Dương VũNote: All Duong Vu rice products always have anti-counterfeiting stamp issued and protected by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam

  • Certification


    "Official member of Vietnam Food Association".

    As the trade enterprise licensing direct export of rice.

    Duong Vu Rice Company Limited is one of nineteen companies permitted to export to China by AQSIQ.

  • High tech color sorters

    High tech color sorters

    Using 28 advanced color sorters with large production capacity  about 8 Tons/hour per each machine

  • Means of transport

    Means of transport

    To meet the best price and the fastest delivery time for customers, our company has invested high tech machines, containers, trucks to reduce production costs, save time

  • Means of transport

    Means of transport

    With 20 containers and 20 trucks and profesional drivers, we can meet all the fast delivery time.  

  • Rice quality

    Rice quality

    Stringent purchasing standards and quality controls with consistent blending and preparation of rice stocks ensures a high uniform quality, safe rice.

    All our consignments are inspected by reputation inspectors such as CIC, SGS, Vina Control,....

  • Rice Storage

    Rice Storage

    Warehouse and Silo system with an area of ​​120,000 m2 contains approximately 170,000 tons of rice

  • Staff


    Our staff with experience, professional  and enthusiasm will bring satisfaction for you

  • Staff


    Along with staff always smile, serve customers in the best way

  • Contianer Yard

    Contianer Yard

     Container yard contains about 700 containers. it is advantage for Fumigation 



Monthly Rice Export Prices (2014-2017)

FAO Rice Price Update

The FAO Rice Price Update provides monthly rice export prices from major origins and is released monthly.

FAO Rice Market Monitor 
The FAO Rice Market Monitor provides an analysis of the most recent developments in the global rice market, including a short-term outlook. Presently, the full document is available only in English but highlights are available in Spanish and French.

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